Training Lab

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Artistry training lab, supervised by Dr. Courtney Ngai, allows students to learn laboratory skills that help them more easily transition into departmental based lab positions. This lab training is a comprehensive experience that allows students to conduct background research to inform the scope of the project. Then, through execution of regular experiments, employ and learn the techniques, methodologies and purpose of basic research. Throughout, students will apply critical thinking skills to analyze the experimental design and generated data in a collaborative environment. Regular lab-style meetings focus on troubleshooting, data analysis and critique, and group feedback to further develop concise yet comprehensive presentation skills.

Upon successfully completing the Training Lab, students will be able to…

  • Develop confidence in their research abilities and demonstrate growth in hands-on skills
  • Associate the lab as a supportive and caring learning environment
  • Confidently and accurately execute a series of laboratory techniques with the ability to successfully train peers to perform the methods as well; i.e. PPE, pipetting, solution making, gel electrophoresis, DNA/RNA/Protein extraction, reagent storage, etc.
  • Collaborate with peers to analyze information, design experiments, and troubleshoot issues
  • Summarize their work and synthesize data in both local lab meetings and research symposiums
  • Create a research and mentor strategy to secure other research opportunities

Thanks to a continued partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Artistry, we are hosting another Training Lab for United in STEMM students in Spring 2022!  Apply by November 8, 2021 via Handshake and note you’ll need to create a Handshake account to view the posting, if you don’t already have one.  We can’t wait to see your applications!